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Welcome to's free, non-commercial eBook publishing imprint!

eBook Development Kit (


Click here Download .PDF (Portable Document Format)
File size: 141k

Requires Adobe Reader.

Click here Download .ODT (OpenDocument Text format)
File size: 30k

Requires OpenOffice, StarOffice or another Open Document capable software program.


About the Kit

Current version: 1.3 (March 2006)

This developer kit outlines how to publish to the imprint. This includes joint imprints involving and other sites. While our kit is comprehensive and detailed, we understand there may be questions or comments. You can contact us via to discuss further.

The contents of our kit are freely available, although protected by a Creative Commons license.

Questions & Answers (Q&A)

  1. How can I use the kit?

    Use it

    • to learn how to publish your writings with's publishing imprint
    • to understand our publishing process
    • to learn how partner with, using a joint publishing imprint (eg. releasing eBooks together)
    • to self-publish your own eBooks
    • to start your own publishing imprint
  2. Can I use the kit on my own web site?

    Yes. We prefer that web sites engaged in joint publishing imprints and partnerships with are the only ones to redistribute copies of this eBook Developer Kit on their own web site(s). However, per our Open Content Model (OCM), other web sites may host a copy, provided the OCM guidelines are followed.

  3. If I'm partnered with, such as a joint publishing imprint, should the kit be rewritten to include my web site's name?

    No. Reason being: maintains one master copy of this document. To upkeep multiple versions for various web sites would be about as fun as herding cats. Lots of cats.

    The kit provides a general overview of how our eBooks are created. We do not want to confuse submitters with different kits. Ultimately, maintains the guidelines and assembles the actual eBook files; joint publishing imprints offer the final eBook product (files) for distribution via their sites.

  4. May I adapt your kit for my own efforts?

    Yes. The content of the kit is protected by a Creative Commons license, so you may not market, sell or distribute the original kit as your own. However, if you wish to offer a version of the kit for your own project, we ask you that you a.) contact us before proceeding; b.) explain how you will use the kit; and c.) make sure credit for the kit's origin is given back to the author (Michael Faries,

  5. So, if I'm a part of another fandom, I can re-use your kit (with permission) for my own site?

    Yes. We believe it's time to uplevel and improve the fan fiction experience online. If you have the software and the know-how, then consider using our kit. The era of plain text fan fiction stories isn't over; however, other technologies and ideas--such as we've proposed with our kit--can improve the reader's experience! And it might breathe new life into older, lesser known or forgotten works!


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