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The Space: 1999 universe combines fantastic fantasy elements, futuristic concepts and imaginative ideas together. Our Gallery section is a celebration of this.

GAMMA is a member of GAMMA - the Gerry Anderson Model Makers Alliance. GAMMA is an informal group of people who are interested in computer modeling of craft and other objects from the productions of Gerry Anderson.

The alliance is dedicated to making freely available 3D computer models, images, animations and related material for the enjoyment of all. No commercial use of models or other material is permitted. Models are only re-used or ported with the permission of the originator. All alliance members wish to respect copyright in the original properties being modeled. Visit the GAMMA website to learn more...

Learn more about models which have been created by Space: 1999 fans, including interviews and photo showcases.

Featured Artists
View some of the works from our talented Space: 1999 fan artists.

CGI Models and Meshes Library
Our library of free, downloadable Space: 1999 CG models and meshes fan for 3D Studio Max, Lightwave, Electric Image and other 2D and 3D programs is available! (Please help contribute, too!) We welcome the opportunity to work with fellow modelers on projects also.

[If you'd like to submit a 2D or 3D tutorial on space art, model making, etc, please contact us. We'd like to include a section here on Tutorials.]

Space: 1999 Multimedia Files
See what's available for download in our new Multimedia section, ranging from audio sound files, to screensavers, to software programs. (We're working on game development, too.)

Space: 1999 Magazines
Our new section features cover art and interiors from various Space: 1999 comics and magazines.

Click to enlarge

The Featured Space: 1999 Picture: "Where's Exploratory Team #4?" by Michael Faries.

(Click on image to enlarge.)

Pictures and Photos
A handful of large-sized images for wallpapers (or your web site). We're also seeking new, quality images for the Pictures and Photos section.

Mozilla Web Browsers "Themes", WinAmp skins, GNOME and KDE desktop themes and other software development
Join the team of developers for the creation of Space: 1999 Themes ("skins") for the Mozilla web browsers/clients, among other software program on a variety of platforms... We're seeking talented artists whom wish to contribute. We have ideas; help us make them a reality for 1999 fans worldwide!

Additional help/submissions needed:

Submit your images
We hope to spotlight fans and artists whom share their shining examples of Space: 1999 artistic excellence. We welcome quality photos, original works, and multimedia animations.

Submit your multimedia clips and original animations
We're happy to host your original Space: 1999 multimedia works. Just let us know and we'll see if we can handle the necessary server space and bandwidth requirements.

Seeking CGI meshes and models
Are you a 3D modeler? We'd love to bring together various Space: 1999-based CGI models and meshes for fellow modelers to work with and discuss. Please let us know if you'd like to participate.

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