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Press release

For Immediate Release

ANNOUNCING FREE DIGITAL PUBLICATIONS WITH THE ALL-NEW SPACE1999.ORG IMPRINT utilizes Creative Commons licenses to publish non-commercial digital eBook offerings; first novels due April 2006

April 18, 2006 - announced the formation of a non-commercial publishing branch which will showcase free, fan-produced, digital literary works inspired by the 1970s U.K. science fiction TV series, Space: 1999. eBooks published under the " imprint" will be released under Creative Commons-based licenses for free electronic download at .

"The final episode of the TV series, 'The Dorcons,' took place within the Space: 1999 universe on April 18, 2006," explained Editor-in-Chief Michael Faries. "And on that day, we're looking forward to presenting freely-available, fan-inspired stories and literary creations, such as we're showcasing within our line of downloadable, digital eBooks."

The website has chosen two electronic book (eBook) formats for its titles: Adobe Reader (.pdf format) and OpenOffice via OASIS's Open Document (.odt format). Digital Right Management (DRM) will not be used to lock or limit viewings. " promotes an open content model where other fan sites can utilize our web content," Faries added. "Our imprint allows authors and illustrators to retain the rights to their content while presenting their works in a more stylized, refined way, plus serve as a distribution channel."

"After years of celebrating the TV series via it's Internet web site, is looking forward to a new era in non-commercial electronic print publishing. It's an exciting opportunity to be in a position to bring those two worlds closer together. We're also looking to the creative talent that exists online and hope to showcase more of their original Space: 1999-inspired works to a wider audience. We're hoping to expand this concept to various other fandoms this year."

The web site imprint will publish its first two titles - "Space: 1999 - Breakaway Part II" by Matt Butts and "Space: 1999 - What Lies Beneath" by Michael Faries - in April 2006. Additional titles will be announced as they become available.

A joint publishing partnership announcement between and will see the eBook release of "Space: 1999 - A New Moon Over Bajor" by Ariana in April 2006, among other new and re-released titles from the site.

An eBook Development Kit is also available from the site for free download.

All people, places and things Space: 1999 are copyright Granada Ventures. Space: 1999 is a Gerry Anderson Production. makes absolutely NO ownership of claim. is a not-for-profit web site operating under fair use law to the best of our knowledge; no copyright infringement is intended.


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