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This is the area for exchange of materials and ideas between GAMMA members. Copyright protected materials may be accessible in this area which should only be used for personal use, and must not be posted in any publicly accessible place.

Members Only Resources

Uploading Files to GAMMA

AIAI's FTP site no longer allows for file uploading. GAMMA uses may request special file sharing areas. Options include:

Files for all areas should be kept to a minimum. These areas are provided for free, limited use for GAMMA members for GAMMA-relevant files only, as part of the GAMMA Library, such as .zip files containing 3D models and meshes, source materials like photographs, etc. Usage/permissions may be revoked at any time. Please use responsibly.

Contact: This is a fan maintained page intended to promote the shows of Gerry Anderson. Care has been taken to avoid the use of copyright images and other materials, but concerns over unsuitable use of materials, or suggestions for improvement of this page should be sent to the GAMMA webmaster.